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Discover Pensacola’s History with Go Retro Tours

Exploring the Past Through Engaging Tours

Pensacola, Florida, is a city rich in history, and one of the best ways to immerse yourself in its captivating stories is through Go Retro Tours. This iconic tour company offers a range of exciting and informative tours that take you on a journey through Pensacola’s past, making history come alive. Information can be found here.

A Multitude of Tours

Go Retro Tours caters to various interests, offering an array of tour options that cater to diverse tastes. Whether you’re interested in history, architecture, or even spooky tales, there’s a tour for you. Some of the most popular offerings include the Historic Pensacola Tour, the Landmarks Tour, and the Ghosts and Graveyards Tour. See here for information about Exploring the Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida in Pensacola, FL.

Historic Pensacola Tour

For those intrigued by the city’s history, the Historic Pensacola Tour is a must-see. This tour provides an in-depth exploration of the city’s historic sites, including the Seville Historic District, St. Michael’s Cemetery, and the Historic Pensacola Village. Visitors can learn about the city’s colonial past, its role in the Civil War, and the various historic buildings that have left their mark.

Landmarks Tour

Pensacola is home to many iconic landmarks, and the Landmarks Tour takes you on a journey to see them all. You’ll visit historic sites, such as Fort Barrancas, Pensacola Lighthouse, and the National Naval Aviation Museum. The tour also delves into the military history of the area, showcasing Pensacola’s significance as a naval base.

Ghosts and Graveyards Tour

For those who enjoy a bit of the supernatural, the Ghosts and Graveyards Tour offers an eerie exploration of Pensacola’s darker side. You’ll hear spine-tingling tales of the city’s haunted history, visit old cemeteries, and learn about local legends and ghostly apparitions that continue to haunt the city.

Experienced Guides

What sets Go Retro Tours apart is its team of knowledgeable and engaging guides. They bring history to life with their storytelling and insights, making each tour an educational and entertaining experience.


Go Retro Tours in Pensacola, Florida, provides an exceptional opportunity to explore the city’s rich history and culture. Whether you’re a history buff, a lover of architecture, or someone seeking a thrilling adventure, these tours offer an engaging and immersive way to discover the heart and soul of Pensacola. Don’t miss the chance to delve into the stories and secrets of this remarkable city with Go Retro Tours.

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