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5 Home Features That Buyers In Florida Can’t Get Enough Of

5 Home Features That Buyers In Florida Can’t Get Enough Of

Right now, we’re in a DIY era. There’s no shortage of advice regarding how you should renovate your home to boost its value—such advice can be found on social media, online forums, popular real estate sites, and other platforms that cater to real estate professionals.

But when it comes to selling a home, the only viewpoint that really matters is the buyer’s. Too many homeowners fail to see this truth when they go to sell, and this failure can cause a property to stay on the market for a long time. Here’s what Florida home buyers are after right now.

1. Storage

Buyers rarely change their preferences, which explains why storage space is still sought after by most buyers. If the kitchen, bathrooms, and garage have plenty of storage space, the home will be more attractive. A sizable walk-in closet will also be a plus. Lack of adequate storage space could cause potential buyers to look elsewhere.

2. Neutral Color

Depersonalizing your home is the most important thing you can do when your goal is to sell a house fast in Florida. While you may appreciate walls that are bright yellow and purple, the majority of buyers won’t—they’d rather see white or beige walls. Real estate agents, professional decorators, and interior designers can help you decide which neutral colors are most inviting.

The house should be clean too. If it’s clean, decluttered, and neutral, potential buyers will have an easier time envisioning living in the home.

3. Advanced Kitchen

Let’s talk about appliances while focusing on the hub of any house: the kitchen. Before inspecting the other parts of your house, buyers will check out your kitchen. Most buyers are looking for a modern kitchen, one that includes brand new appliances, top-notch countertops, and plenty of storage space. Adding a kitchen island is a valuable upgrade, one that can transform the appearance of your kitchen without requiring a major renovation.

4. Energy-Saving Features

Homes with solar panels may have been seen as odd a decade ago, but now they’re common. Also, buyers prefer properties that have updated HVAC systems and related appliances so they don’t have to spend as much on energy bills. Modern buyers also care a lot about insulation.

5. Open Floor Plan

Buyers like open floor plans, and this has been the case for almost a decade. An open floor plan can even make a cramped area look spacious. If there are rooms which connect flawlessly, than such a home may be great for hosting family events and social gatherings.

Do Expensive Home Improvements Pay Off?

What would the approximate cost be if you repaired everything you wanted to in your home? Remember, you always need to keep price in mind, as you may not get a return on your investment if you pay too much for a renovation.

And if you want to skip the repairs and renovations because you lack the time and capital needed to handle these, call us. We buy houses in Florida in any condition, and we can close in under 30 days!

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