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How To Use The Right Terms To Describe Your Bathrooms In An Online Real Estate Listing

The Different Kinds Of Bathrooms You’ll See In Listings

If you’re looking to sell a house fast in Bay County, FL, the first thing you’ll have to do is list it on internet real estate directories and marketplaces. If you’ve browsed these online listings before, it’s likely you’ve noticed that most homeowners provide a detailed description of their property. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms will be included in the listing, and any other attractive amenities—like a backyard patio or pool—will be mentioned.

Perhaps you’ve encountered a few unfamiliar terms while browsing listings, and a lot of these terms are related to the bathroom. So what’s the difference between a half bath and a three-quarter bath? How is a full-sized bath unlike a half bath? What about a quarter bath? Continue reading to understand what kinds of residential bathrooms are out there, as with this information you can make a more accurate listing.

Understanding Different Bathroom Sizes

Bathroom descriptions have nothing to do with size, as they focus on the features inside the bathroom. Here are a few standard bathroom sizes:

Full Bath

A full bath has four major elements: a sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower. The bathroom might have more than one of each element, like his and hers sinks or a bidet next to the toilet. But all four essential fixtures should be present for the room to qualify as a full bath.

A full bath will add to the value of a home, as it contains everything a person needs to ensure good hygiene and carry out grooming activities. Some homes have a full bath but it’s listed as a shower-tub combo. This means the homeowner can stand in the tub to shower but also sit in the tub to soak and bathe.

Three-Quarter Bath

A three-quarter bath contains a toilet, a sink, and either a tub or a shower. This is the standard bathroom in smaller homes, including studio apartments. If space is a constraint, tubs are removed to make space for the shower. Often, sellers list a three-quarter bath as a full bathroom to distinguish it from a half bath.

Half Bath

A bathroom with only two of the four elements mentioned above is a half bath. Half baths are often placed near common spaces like the kitchen or dining room because a visiting guest would most likely need only to wash their hands or use the toilet. You can also find half baths in other parts of the home, like in the basement, a game room, or other areas where people don’t usually sleep. It’s also known as a powder room, guest bath, and lavatory.

One-Quarter Bath

This is the least common bathroom style. It has only one of the four elements mentioned above. Usually, it’s rare to come across a one-quarter bath since it’s unhygienic to have a toilet without a sink. That said, some homes have a one-quarter bath so they can use every last bit of space. It can serve as a space where guests can fix their makeup or wash their hands. Some homes have a one-quarter bath near the pool so residents can wash their feet and hands before entering the house.

Provide Accurate Descriptions Of Your Bathrooms If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast in Bay County, FL,” you need to provide accurate descriptions of your home in online listings. Understand the different types of bathrooms, use the correct terms to describe the number of bathrooms in your home, and make a quick sale.

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