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Tips to Deep Clean Your Kitchen Before an Open House

Tips to Deep Clean Your Kitchen Before an Open House

If you plan to sell a house fast in Pensacola, the first step is to prepare your home. One of the steps in preparing your home is to deep clean. Deep cleaning goes beyond vacuuming the floor and dusting the coffee table. We’re talking about a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning.

Deep cleaning your home can be exhausting, but we’ve put together a list of tips to get your home in top condition for an open house. This article focuses on deep cleaning tips for your kitchen to make it look just spectacular.

Best Tips to Deep Clean Your Kitchen to Prepare It for a Sale

1. Set Aside Your Emotions and Think Like a Buyer

Inspect every nook and cranny of the kitchen with a critical eye. Determine if there is any unnecessary clutter in the kitchen. For example, you might have a soft spot for your old hot water kettle, but buyers might not see it similarly. You can consider renting a storage unit to store unneeded belongings temporarily. You can also consider donating old kitchen appliances that you no longer use. Check with your local soup kitchen if they would need old pots and pans.

2. Clear the Fridge

Buyers might peep inside your refrigerator, especially if you include it in the sale. Throw out old leftovers and clean the shelves to make them spotless. Don’t forget to wipe down the outside too!

3. Vacuum the Floors

Nothing turns off potential buyers like stains and crumbs on the floor. If you have tile or hardwood flooring, vacuum and mop the areas. Also, make sure to vacuum all of the carpeted areas of the home.

4. Shine It Up

Stainless steel appliances look good. But you have to take care of them properly. Wipe down stainless-steel appliances with the right cleaning supplies. With a bit of elbow grease, they’ll look brand new in no time.

5. Degrease the Electric Chimney

The vents in your kitchen chimneys are grease magnets. So, before the open house, give the filters a thorough scrub. If you’re unsure how to remove them, check the manual with the electric chimneys.

6. Clean the Switches

Kitchen switches see plenty of messes thanks to splattered sauces and fingerprints. Give them a thorough wipe down. If they still look dirty, replace the switch panels to give your kitchen a clean and polished look.

7. Keep the Countertops Spotless

A sure-fire way to impress buyers is to show off sparkling countertops. Remove the toaster, rice cooker, coffee machine, and other appliances into temporary storage and show off your counters. The one exception is that you can leave a vase of fresh flowers on the counter to make the kitchen feel welcoming.

8. Clear the Cabinets

Potential buyers care much about cabinet space, so it’s time to get rid of items and reorganized. Remove all unnecessary items from your kitchen cabinets. When a buyer opens the cabinet, they should be able to see plenty of leftover space. Extra space gives the feeling of large cabinets with ample storage.

These tips should help you deep clean your kitchen and make it look inviting. If you would rather skip the trouble of preparing your home for open houses, you can consider selling your home for cash. Look for real-estate ads saying, “We buy houses in Pensacola as-is with no repairs or renovations.”

These are real estate investors who purchase properties for flipping. With a cash sale, you can sell your home without any repairs or cleaning. So, if you’re hoping for a quick sale, your best bet is to connect with cash home buyers in Pensacola and close quickly.

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