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What Are the Key Documents Required to Sell a House Fast in Florida?

What Are the Key Documents Required to Sell a House Fast in Florida?

Selling a house fast in Florida is tough. There’s a lot of paperwork and hoops to jump through, and everyone wants to get the best price for their property. But what are the key documents required to sell a house fast in Florida? Let’s look at the information you need to put your home on the market.

1. Original Sales Contract

The agreement you had with the previous homeowner when you purchased it is the original sales contract. The terms of the sale are described, and the information about the transaction is in the contract. The document shows the previous owner of the property. The terms and conditions under which it was transferred to a new owner are also made clear to the buyer. The sales agreement details any disclosures about the property that were made before the sale and the price at which the house was sold.

2. Homeowners Insurance Documents                                   

You should be honest with your buyer about any damages and repairs you’ve made to your house before you sell it. A claims report or a list of all claims made on your home since the time of purchase. You must also give proof of your homeowners insurance. Additionally, it will give the buyer a rough idea of the price tag on their homeowner’s insurance when they move in.

3. Home Appraisal and Inspection Records

An appraisal is a professional evaluation of your home’s fair market value that determines how much a mortgage lender will lend to a buyer. You’ll need a new appraisal at the time of sale. The buyer will require the original appraisal report and any documented updates since the initial appraisal.

4. Preliminary Title Search Document

A preliminary title report is a financial and legal review record that informs the seller if there are any outstanding issues on your property before you list it for sale. It’s a precautionary report that keeps the seller from having problems with the sale later down the road.

5. Final Purchase and Sale Agreement

The buyers’ and sellers’ real estate agents or attorneys collaborate to create the final purchase and sale agreement. It is a contract that specifies the home’s selling price, the terms of the purchase, the earnest money amount, the closing date, and any contingencies. Before they can proceed with the sale of the house, both the buyer and the seller must agree to the terms and sign the document.

A home sale mandates a lot of paperwork and legal processes that could be intimidating for someone new to the process. Selling a house for cash is easier than selling it through traditional methods. You don’t have to explain why your house has significant value and what you need to do to sell it. And it’s faster than closing a traditional real estate transaction because cash home buyers in Florida can close in as little as 30 days.

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Greg Baker

Greg is a resident of Pensacola, FL and has been investing in real estate since 2004. Greg Baker is the passionate founder of Greg Buys Houses, a trusted and reliable cash home buying company based in the beautiful city of Pensacola, FL. With a heart for helping homeowners facing difficult situations, Greg strives to provide personalized solutions that work for each unique situation. He understands the stress and uncertainty that can come with selling a home, and his commitment to honesty, transparency, and empathy has earned him a reputation as a caring and knowledgeable professional. Whether you're facing foreclosure, divorce, or just need to sell quickly, Greg and his team are here to guide you every step of the way.

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